"Cristo Rey" (Christ The King)

"Cristo Rey" (Christ The King)
Wood block print, hand colored. Image size is approximately 5" x 7".

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Direct Purchase

If you're wanting to make a purchase direclty from Casanova Design, please contact me via EMAIL or PHONE at the following information:


Text- 5128103403@mms.att.net

Phone- 512-810-3403 (w/ Voice Messaging)

No question is too big or too small, curiousity is welcomed! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Recieving Your Artwork, Framing or Storing

Preparing "Love All Ways" out for shipping... http://www.casanovax2.etsy.com/

December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays to all...I hope the time of the year is being good to you, and that all the shopping you've done up to this point has been without its' problems, and more enjoyable despite the amount of people out there shopping.

Along with all the shopping and purchases made close to home, there are also those purchases made on the Internet. Particularly ARTWORK that is purchased from artists around the world.

If you plan to make any purchases of artwork via the Internet, or even anything close to home, and that artwork is NOT already framed...here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Whether or not you've spent a lot of money on original art pieces, or even if they are inexpensive prints from artists or merchants, it's important on how a BUYER frames or stores their new purchased treasure!

a). When storing artwork (be it inexpensive or expensive artwork) it's important to know what materials you're using to store your works. Above all, if you truly do treasure your artwork, DO NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT store any works in CARDBOARD!!! The ACID content in these cheap papers will cause the yellow effect we're used to seeing from older photos of years past. This includes newspapers, and writing papers...all these "cheap" papers have an acid content that will eventually, over time...EAT your artwork! I could only recommend to go to a local craft store and purchase what is called ACID FREE FOAM BOARD. This board is very light weight and you can "sandwich" your artwork in between 2 pieces of this board, tape up the edges to keep the "sandwich" together and place in a dry, fairly dust free area (if possible). Also keep in mind that storing your artwork in PLASTICS (i.e. bags, cellophane, etc.) could have acid content as well.
b). One of the best things you can do for your artwork is to get it FRAMED up and on the wall or somewhere framed up and on a shelf or table easle. There are important things to keep in mind when FRAMING as well. When you go to a local frame shop you'll have plenty of choices to make...what type of frame to use, what type of matting (the paper border that goes around our artwork/print) what type of glass and what type of backing. I'm going to keep this part as simple as possible...when you go into a local frame shop, let the picture framer know you want to use ACID FREE PAPERS. Basically anything that touches your artwork FRONT AND BACK should be ACID FREE PAPERS if you're wanting to preserve your INVESTMENT and preserve the quality of that investment. I DO NOT recommend you letting any glass touching any artwork at all!! This goes for photography as well. Eventually humidity and dirt that seeps into your framed artwork will STICK and any acid content will eat the image of the artwork or photography!!! Speaking of GLASS...I highly recommend using ONLY REGULAR GLASS! Non Glare glass may be recommended to you, however even though you may get a hard glare from reflected light sources, it's still easier to see your beautiful artwork from all angles of the room through REGULAR GLASS. Non Glare glass has limited visibility, not to mention it cuts out any fine detail and color your artwork is trying to show!! If you look in many interior design magazines or "home" type magazines, you'll notice the only glass that's used in framing in many homes displayed in these periodicals is REGULAR GLASS!!! Again, the choice is YOURS!!
Note: Beware of "Dry Mounting" your artwork as well. Dry Mounting permantly affixes your original artworks or prints to foam board and depending on the investment you've made in your artwork, it can DEPRECIATE the value your artwork may hold if any. Dry Mounting does keep artwork from "warping" or "waving" in a framed up piece...and ultimately it is up to the buyer to "dry mount" artwork if they so choose. It is a personal preference, but could be a choice that could cost you in the end.
Preserving your artwork is an ART itself. You don't have to be an expert to know what to do, but it's best to ask questions...ask the RIGHT people and double check if you feel uncertain. Anything I've ever owned I've looked at it this way...if it brings me pleasure and joy...no matter how little, or how much money I've spent on it...if I want it to stay around for many years, I'll do what I need to do to preserve it!
Remember, the art you purchase is an investment, and over the years what you hold in your hands now, may not be worth more than what you've paid for it, but also remember that supply and demand of ANYTHING has a lot to do with the value of anything in our lives! But the REAL VALUE is in what your purchase does for YOU!!!
If you should have any questions or concerns about preserving your artwork, don't hesitate to email me at... casanovadesign@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome to Casanova Design-USA (Roger Casanova)

Welcome to Casanova Design-USA and thank you very much for stopping in!!

All the works of art on this site are for sale, however you'll notice that the artist in me is still quite "alive"...nothing is priced!

Some of the artworks on this site have actually already been sold, but it should not keep you from trying to contact me and asking questions about my work or anything else for that matter.

You can buy most, if not all of these items in my online shop at ETSY! Simply click on this link: http://www.casanovax2.etsy.com .

You can email me directly at: casanova_roger@yahoo.com

...but now that you're here...enjoy the sites and sounds on the "Casanova" blogspot!!

God Bless and stay safe this Holiday Season,


"The Dove"

...This little dove flew all the way to Canada with a little love...


"Duet"...to one another...

"La Cara"http://www.casanovax2.etsy.com

"This Is My Heart, This Is Your Heart"

....Heart experimentation...http://www.casanovax2.etsy.com/

El Color de Mi Vida (The Color of My Life)

El Color de Mi Vida  (The Color of My Life)
Newly Framed - Wooden frame

El Jugador (The Player)

El Jugador (The Player)
23" x 27" Wooden Framed Artwork

Siempre Juntos (Together Always)

Siempre Juntos (Together Always)
Blank Classic White Greeting Cards

Casanova Design on Etsy

Casanova Design on Etsy
Purchase artwork by Casanova

Casanova Design

Casanova Design
Click on image to view past projects for clients

La Esmeralda - 2014

La Esmeralda - 2014
My beautiful wife during the month of October/November for Dia De Los Muertos ~ Photography, costumes and make up by Crystal Torres Sanchez (In Memory of my Father Dionicio Casanova Jr.)

Chicitita - 2014

Chicitita - 2014
In memory of my Grandfather Raymond Elalio Zaragoza

Huesos de Amor

Huesos de Amor
Gift tags or tags for ANY occassion!! You just have to believe!!!

Angel of Love

Angel of Love
Ink Pen, Berol Prismacolor, ink